Visit with Robert @Palm Beach Gardens FL 8/21-22/2021

Visit with Robert, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 8/28/2020

All Carruthers 7/2016

2014 Thanksgiving

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2013 Christmas with the Carruthers and Gaertners

2013 Thanksgiving with the Carruthers and Gaertners

Drew's Prom Pics 2011

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Davidson vs. NC State 12/2008

More Robert Carruthers Dive Pics 9/7/2008

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Baytree, FL Vacation 1/2008

Carruthers' Baytree FL Trip Part 3 2008

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Davidson vs. Duke in Charlotte 12/1/2007

Mary & Drew visit Maryland 8/2007

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Tom & Lorraine's Midwest Trip

33-30 OT MD Wins!! 2005

Easter with the Carruthers 3/27/2005

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Nana 15 inches of snow in Charolette!

Portugal Trip2004 Pat

Obidos 2005

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Mini-Behe Reunion 2005

Kiplinger Building Tom and Pat's old work

Mini Carruthers' Reunion

Tom and Lorraine visit Cali

Happy 4th of July! 2005

Mary's pics from Cali 8/2005

The Panthers invade Cali 8/2005

Clothing Optional for George Lorraine pressed into duties at Claire's Bday Saturday Night Movie Slumber Party (Winn Dixie!)

Mini-Behe Reunion 2005

Charlotte Pics 1/2006

Found Phil's old book

Drew Gaertner, 11, St. Patrick's, Charlotte: George Bush is making a mistake. He seems to be going to deep into money investment for a program to go to Mars and the moon. He's making space exploration more dangerous. Probably all of the astronauts who go would not have experience with going to a new planet or moon. And if the mission fails he will wish he had not invested so much money in that program.
2001 Florida

Mary Ann's old school book

Found at Jane and Pat's house Inside the cover
Tom's Birthday Party

Gaertners and Carruthers at Chimey Rock, NC!

We knew Tom Carruthers would talk to just about anybody!

Sophia Carruthers on her 1st birthday. Also some shots of her with both sets of grandparents

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