The Beck Family 10/2012

Happy Birthday Alan 9/24/2012

Jane 9/22/2012

The Princess 9/2012

Orioles Game 9/11/2012

Kara 9/8/2012

I Lost a Tooth 8/28/2012

The Maurer's visit North Carolina Aug.2012

Disc Golf for Luke and Adam Christmas 2011

Occupy Chapel Hill, NC Dec 2011

Happy Birthday Tom! 2012

The Maurer's 2012

The Tait's 2012

Jay's Prom 2012

Alan Carruthers 2012

Matthew and Mandy 7/2012

St. Patrick's Day

Ireland 2001

Susie and Pat at Buffett Concert 6/2012

Peyton 6/2012

Old Town Alexandria 6/2012

Curt Hoover 6/2012

More Hoovers 6/2012

Michael's Pie and Thanksgiving Bird 2011

The Maurer's 5/2012

Carly 5/2012

My Visit with Aunt Ellen 5/2012

Jim Carruthers

Weaver's Restaurant, Hancock, MD 5/3/2012

Michael visits West Virginia 4/13/2012

Brad and Mary 2011

Trevor 2011

Jim, Noreen and George 2011

Bingo! 4/11/2012

William, James and Jay 2012

Little Mary Carruters

Mauer's in Chapel Hill and Durham 2011

The Gaertners 2011

Lorraine and Tom 2011

Cows invade Jane & Pat's Backyard 4/2012

Katie 3/2012

Happy Birthday Phil! 2012

Noreen and Charlie 2012

Roberts March 2012

9/18/2010 Michael's Ribs in Chapel Hill, NC and Bubs

Ellen Carruthers

Aunt Ellen with ?

Megan with her new boyfriend 2011

Patrick, Hello! Sending you a pic of Libby pitching in PA 11-12 year old states softball tourney. 2011

Surfin Stacy 2011

Yosemite 2011

Mom and Dad at Stacy's graduation and of course the "kid" in her regalia.

Graduates and their Moms!!

Patrick, My mom wanted me to send this to you to post. Colleen and I both ran the Pittsburgh 1/2 Marathon on Sunday :) 5/2011

Matthew Mullinix signs up to be a Designated Driver, Good job! 2011

Michael Mullinix meets Mark Mosley 2011

2011 Beck Family Christmas

Halley's Sweet 16th 2011

Mom, We will be there Sunday & here is pic of first day of school :D Love ya, Susie 2011

Mom, First day of school. Colleen 2011

Halloween and Senior Night 2011

James is 9! 8/2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

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Happy 68th Birthday Bill 2010

Happy Winter/ Luke and Adam's Chess tournament 2010

Hey Pat, Here are some pictures for the website. Hope all is well Go Terps!! John 12/2010

Merry Christmas from the Beck Family! 2010

Snow in Davidson, NC and someone got rolled. 2010

Manassas Jam 2010

First day of School! 2010

Fred Willard and the Derby 9/2010

Mauer's Visit Chapel Hill 7/2010

Drew's Prom Pics 2010

2010 NCAA Tournament Results and Brackets

Carruthers House March 1971

Kindergarten Christmas Play, Mary and Joseph (Peyton) 12/2009

Beck Thanksgiving 2009

Stacy in College 11/17/2009

Drew and Philip

Phil and his radio show 2009

Pretty Tarheels at "The Well" (George was looking for a bucket!) 9/2009

Tommy, Lorraine, Patrick and George 9/2009

Jimmy in front of Duke Chapel 9/2009

First day of school 8/2009

Alan's 1st Birthday (L to R, Mary, Janet, Jim, Barb and Alan)

Julia graduates Godspell 6/2009

Nathan Graduates 6/2009

Nathan goes to the prom 2009

Roberts Easter 2009 and the Beach

Roberts Jan 2009

2008 Beck Christmas

Susie Graduates

Happy 61st Jane! 2008

Happy 35th Amy!! 12/2007

Family in front of Trevi Fountain in Rome 8/2008

George, Claire & Kitty, at dinner with friends (out of picture), with Rome in background. Jenna Bush (we're pretty sure) was eating just to the left of them in this picture. Jim 8/2008

Patrick: Please share this with the family if you can on Saturday. Dear All: Just a quick note to say I am so sorry I could not make the reunion -- the logistics of getting all the crew from Hilton Head to PA, then back to Dallas and Colorado were too much. I hope you all have a wonderful time and please know that Merrilee and I will be with you in spirit. Attached is one of the few pictures that turned out -- the winds were really gusting on the beach that day. It was a fantastic day and Merrilee and I felt so blessed that we could share it with members of the family. Here's the names: Front Row (left to right): Mum Mum (Ellen) Halley Chelsea Emma Claire Noreen Kitty Rhonda (Merrilee's mother) Second Row (l-r): Jeannine (Fred's wife) Fred Whelchel (Merrilee's father) Me Merrilee Jessica (Merrilee's daughter) Jim Third Row: William George It was a wonderful affair and Jim and Noreen were, as usual, incredible hosts. Best wishes to you all and lastly, thanks for nice call right before the ceremony Uncle Tommy. Love, Alan and Merrilee Carruthers 8/2008

Steve's teaching her early to cook. Amy 11/2008

Brad and Katie visit Chapel Hill 10/2008

Happy Birthday Carly 10/2008

Happy Halloween 2008

2008 Prom

Libby and Julia at Ellis Island 2008

Libby's First Holy Communion 2008

Jake 2008

Cooper and Peyton 2008

Cooper 2008

2008 Beck Family

Allison Confirmation 2008

Allison 2008

Claire sang "That's Amore", accompanied by the owner of a small restaurant, near the Colosseum in Rome. 8/2008

Merry Christmas from the Carruthers! 2008

Stacy and Friends Nov 2008

New Years 1998

Great Grandkids, Not sure what year

Marsha and John's Wedding 1980

Teacher Nana

Read about Phil Carruthers Radio Program. 2008

Greetings and Salutations to All, I hope this email finds you well. It is with great joy and excitement that we announce the Maiden Voyage of Libation Generation, a weekly radio show airing Tuesdays on KNRY 1240am at 4:05pm, we begin on the 24Th of June. We hope that you will join us each week for a great deal of fun. The subjects will be endless as we travel through the Beverage and Food world. The show will also feature a segment entitled The "Matchmaker, with Chef James D'Aquila from the Wild Artichoke in Yorba Linda California. For those of you local to the Monterey Peninsula you need only tune your AM dial to 1240. For those of you in Southern California, The Bay area and back east go to for live streaming audio. For everyone, we encourage you to go to our blog for more details, Bio's, and weekly updates on the show. We know that we are blessed to have all of you as friends,colleagues and soon to be listeners to Libation Generation Tune in, Sit Back and grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the taste of Libation Generation. Philip, Patrick and James

Happy Fathers Day 2008

Sophie Carruthers 3/2007

More Carruthers

Emily 2007

JR and Lisa's Wedding

Carruthers Family

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Behe Sisters April 1958

Nana's 85th Birthday 1987

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Jane and Pat's Wedding 1969 - Pat, the picture of your mother and dad's wedding day, there two girls standing behind them. One is Barbara Kirby Beck and the other is I say Barbara Behe Beck and your Aunt Lorraine said I am wrong. Whose right? Tom C.