Need Help, Can someone give me a description of each pic? Please use the message board to answer.

Need Help, Can someone give me a description of each pic? Please use the message board to answer.

Bingo 6/2008

Can you name the family members? Please use the message board to answer.

Mary and Phil

Phil and Sophie

Lorraine and Drew

Robert Carruthers

Steve Wins Presidential Award

Hi Patrick, Here are some pictures of us last week. We went out of the country to Dominican Republic. The boys first time flying. Amy 4/2008

Information on Portage, PA

So Close! 3/2008

Bertha Behe and Martin Myers. Bertha was the daughter of Joseph Conrad Behe and Sarah Maxwell. She was born July 22, 1876 and died April 28, 1949. She married Martin Myers Dec 31, 1895 at St. Brigids in Lilly. Martin was born Feb 22, 1875 and died April 16, 1957. He was the son of John Moyers and Charlotte Mulhollen. I think John Moyers was the son of Stephen Augustus Myers who was the son of Michael Myers and Elizabeth Hagey.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Carly 3/2008

Patrick, I'm sending you a bunch of pictures. You can call it spring break in California. George went to Japan. Kitty went to Mexico. Claire stayed with us. Hope you are well and have your brackets in order. Go Davidson. 3/2008 Jim

Altonna Mirror Online Newspaper

Presidential Award? 1/2008

Beck Family Christmas 2007

Carly's First Birthday 2007

This pic is a bit grainy, but I thought I'd pass it along anyway. Here is a picture of Stacy with Nana and Papap on campus for Family Weekend. They are sitting in front of a glass sculpture that is designed to echo what you say when walking past it. It was nice to meet some of Stacy's friends and see where here classes are. -Nancy 1/2007

Kara's Summer Birthday Party 2007

PICS...How you doin?, I am going to send a number of pics in separate notes. This batch is when Killer (Meiko) was caught up in over spray when I was painting a bench with spray paint. You can see he has a green hue. I'll explain if I haven't already. - Sheridan

Bradley Christmas 2006

Hi Patrick - I attached a picture of mom & dad's 50th anniv dinner on Sat for the website. How are things with you? Kate is really enjoying school at PSU. She seems so happy. She is living with 3 other friends from Glenside and their apt is nice - although it is about a mile from campus. John and I are slowly getting used to the quiet at home, without Kate it is really quiet. We took the kids on a cruise to Bermuda in August and had a blast. All we did was eat, drink and hang out at the pool. - Marcia 2007

Carly is Walking 9/2007

Pat, Here is a picture of Stacy at Orientation at Allegheny. I'm happy to report that she now has a computer that works and is making plans for the weekend with friends already. Nancy 2007

Carly 7/2007

Proud Grandparents

Adam breaks his arm 2007

ohhhhhhhh! Get Well! Carly and Luke

Lilly Train Station c1910 and unknown date on second one.

Picture taken 1910 unknown date

Happy 61st Birthday Jane 2007

Happy 61st!

Shake N Bake 6/2007

Happy 61st!

Drew's Confirmation 5/2007

Happy Mother's Day Mary! 2007

Jane & Pat visit Davidson, NC 5/2007

A telephoto lens view of the signal bridge at Lilly, PA. Looking East from the "island" located east of the Cassandra Bridge. (01/30/1998)

Stacy's Prom Pics 2007

Patrick, Nina and I have managed to increase this world’s population by one. Her name is Isabelle Jona Hoover. She was borne 8/22/2007 at 1:15 am. 6lbs 12 oz...Doug

Town of Lilly, as seen from St. Brigid's Cemetery and the Statue of Mother Mary

This is the interior of St. Brigid's Catholic Church Lilly, PA, before the fire in the early 1970's. It is a post card published by the Aerial Farm Statistics, 1752 Broadway, Toledo Ohio. I can't find a year on it but its estimated to be the late 1950's or early 1960's.

Patrick, I'm sending a couple pictures from our mission trip to Juarez which we did over the Easter break. I'll pulling them off of the Walgreen's photo-website. I hope they can be opened. I'll send a couple 3 more. We went to Juarez and built a home, a church stage, and fed the families in one of Juarez's "Colonias". Hope you are well. Uncle Tommy keeps me updated on you when I talk to him. Sounds like life is good in NC. Regards, Jim"
Our "gang" in Juarez. It turns out about 3 of the Mexican's who worked side by side us had been previous members of the "38th Street Gang", one of Juarez's meanest and deadlist. 3 or 4 of them had served time for murder (no kidding). Jim
First time I built or fixed a house without having to call Uncle Tommy 2007
Thanks. I only sent you the pics so I could get that picture of your Dad, sittin’ on his a$$, off the main screen. Tired of looking at him relaxing while the rest of us are still working for a living. 12/2006

Happy St. Pats Day 3/2007

Happy 36th Steve 2007

Jake Bradley 3/2007

Cole Bradley 2/2007

Jake and Cole 2/2007

Delia Family 2/2007

Santa Bradley 12/2002

Carruthers Christmas 2006

Today(12/3) Buddy Kirby is undergoing an organ transplant at Pittsburgh Medical Center Hospital. Please say a prayer and keep him in your thoughts.

Today(12/4) Hi Pat: Heard from my Mom today, she spoke with Jane. Appears that Bud made it through the surgery. We now pray that there aren't any complications and that there is no rejection.

Today(12/5) The latest is that in the middle of the night, Bud developed a blood clot in his pancreas, and they had to remove it. Jane said his pancreas and that he is without one now. Do not know any of the details, Jane was quick as she was on her way to Pittsburgh.

Davidson Basketball Schedule

Halloween 2006

A picture of Claire from her "championship" game on Saturday. Her Li'l Devils (8-1-1) team beat the previously unbeaten Sierra Blast 4 - 1. I believe most of the credit goes to her legendary AYSO coach (me!).

Come visit my hometown of Apex, NC 2006

Happy 16th Nathan! 2006

Nathan with Jamie Dixon,Head Basketball coach at Pitt

Stacy's Band! 9/6/2006

The Famous Beck Bear 7/2006

Jeremy, Kyle and Colleen at 5K Run

Adam Roberts 6/2006

Jake and Cole

Jacob Beck 6/2006

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