Meisinger Grandkids 3/2010

The Jenkusky's 2012

The Flowers 2012

The Thompson's 2012

The Millers 2012

Colleen and Savannah 7/10/2012

Nancy, Jim and Bailey 7/10/2012

The Meisingers 2012

Lucia and Diane 2012

Carrie, Anne and Colleen 2012

Nick and Emily 7/2012

Meisinger Family 1960s

The Flower Shop, Willow Grove, PA 1990s

St. Patrick's Day 2012

Ireland 2001

The Girls leave 6/2012

Our WV visit 6/2012

Millers visit Chapel Hill, NC 2011

Cathy and Mike visit WV 6/5/2012

Congrats Ryan! 5/30/2012

Carly 5/2012

Ryan Pitching video's 4/2012

Disc Golf for Luke and Adam Christmas 2011

Occupy Chapel Hill, NC Dec 2011

The Meisinger Boys 2012

Ann and Colleen at the Nats Game 9/2/2012

I Lost a Tooth 8/28/2012

The Princess 9/2012

Sophie Flowers 9/2012

Millers 9/2012

Don and Mary 2010

Baltimore 1988

Bingo! 4/11/12012

Camden is 1 years old 2012

Cows invade Jane & Pat's Backyard 4/2012

Reynoldsburg's Spencer Kirksey tries to drive around Connor Kern of Pickerington Central on Feb. 18. The Tigers beat the Raiders 73-56. Kirksey was the Raiders' most accurate outside shooter, making 37 3-pointers in the regular season. He averaged 12 points per game. 2012

Aunt Jo and the girls 2012

The Flowers 2012

Lucia, Eric and Ann 2012

Roberts March 2012

Nick 2010

Nov 31, 2010 Mary and Don

The Southern Maryland Baseball Camp would like to send a heartfelt congratulations to Ryan Meisinger, Northern HS, who recently committed to play baseball with Radford University!!!

Iron City

Happy Mother's Day 2011

Happy Winter/ Luke and Adam's Chess tournament 2011

2010 Myrtle Beach with the Millers

2010 NCAA Tournament Results and Brackets

Halloween 2009

Savanna 2009

First day of school 2009

Savanna Elizabeth, 7 lbs. 6oz Born 4-16-09 (aunt Carries B-day) @ 1:21am

Flowers Easter 2009

Roberts Easter 2009 and the Beach

Avery is 3! 2009

Sophie's 5th Birthday party 2009

Roberts Jan 2009

Steve's teaching her early to cook. Amy 11/2008

Thank you Uncle Don & Aunt Jo Jo. We had a great time at Busch Gardens. Amy 10/2008

Happy Halloween! Love Anne & Grace

Halloween party. I was wendy from Wendy's, Luke was Joker, Carly was a Chicken, & Adam was a vampire. 10/2008

Hey Patrick. Grace is cheerleading for the mini division in Pickerington this year, but she cheers for the Steelers - lol!! Hope you are doing well. Love, Anne 2008

The girls at the park today 9/25/08

Hey everyone, A couple pics from Monday evening, Sep 8th. Just finished a “sunset” memorial service on the flight deck. I am with James (token Marine in the middle – by bestest friend on board) and Joe (on the right), he’s the 3rd Amigo (Sorry Scott!) See everyone in <40 days…….. I love you Big Man! See you and Shea on the pier……. Take Care, Roger Dad 9/2008
Hi everyone...Under 45 days to go until home! (Deployed 21 March) I wanted to reach out and say hello to all of you……. I have attached a picture taken yesterday, 03 SEP, the pic is me and my close (not SUBMARINE close) friend James (he is a Marine officer on board). -We are ordering our dinner at the “window” in the wardroom (where we eat if you were asking – some of you could be asking). -My head is shaved (sorry Mom) but it will be grown back before I get home so take a deep breath! The 2nd pic is me on the bridge wing (the side of the pilot house where I get to drive the ship from) Additionally, my one and only #1 SON, celebrated his 13th birthday yesterday so I took a current pic for him but wanted to reach out and say hi to everyone as well. Congratulations son – I love you! I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible when I get home and the coming Xmas holiday season as well…… All my best, Roger Dad 2008

Mike Lombardo's new U.S. Army photo 2008

Jane and Pat's Wedding 1969

Happy 61st Jane! 2008

Happy 35th Amy!! 2008

Roger Eyrolles 8/31/2007

Patrick Allen Behe

Meisinger Public Pool 2008

Bingo 6/2008

Here are a few pictures of Colleen and Mike on their Wedding Day in Niagara Falls on June 4, 2008.

Hey Patrick! Here are some pictures from Grace, from her Father-Daughter dance last month. I have some to forward you soon from Disney World. Need to get the CD's from Tracey though. I hope everything is good with you! Hope to see you soon! Cousin Annie :-) 5/2008

Steve Wins Presidential Award

Hey Patrick! I'm sending a picture of our new house! Mike and I are so excited, and can't wait to have everyone over! Colleen 4/18/2008

Hi Patrick, Here are some pictures of us last week. We went out of the country to Dominican Republic. The boys first time flying. Amy 4/2008

Steve wins Presidential Award!!! 1/2008

Nancy Holmes c.1961


Hey Patrick! How are you? Thought you were planning a trip this way?? I have attached a picture of Elizabeth. She fell over the weekend and broke her arm. We spent the better part of Saturday at Children's hospital. They had to put her under to reset it. We go to the chiropractic surgeon this afternoon. Josh broke his foot last weekend. Needless to say it has been very hectic around here! Hope your still planning on visiting! Love, Dana 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Carly 3/2008

Brendyn 2008

Where gonna miss you Al! 2008

Charlie The Snowman! 2/2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Avery! 2008

Presidential Award? 1/2008

Congrats Roger! 2008

West Trip 9/2007

Elizabeth's First Day of School 2007

Just wanted to share some pictures of Elizabeth. She got 11 inches cut off her hair and donated it to "Locks of Love". It's an organization that will make a wig out of it for a child that has lost her/his hair from cancer 8/2007

Carly 7/2007

Patrick and everyone else. Just got these pics and the attached note below. Just a pic of me trying to re-attach part of this kids achilles tendon.......miss you all. -Mike 10/2007

Mike in Afghanistan 2007

Colleen gets Engaged! 20007

Carly is Walking 9/2007

Troy Polamalu and his crazy fan(Tracy and Ann)

Carly's First Birthday 2007

A Flowers Halloween 2006

Leah's Prom Pics 2006

Rachael Turns 20! 2006

August 2006 'mini' trip with Lucia and Eric 8/2006

Adam breaks his arm 6/2007

ohhhhhhhh! Get Well! Carly and Luke

Happy 61st Birthday Jane 2007

Happy 61st!

Shake N Bake 6/2007

Happy 61st!

Happy Birthday Dana 2007

Happy 39th

South Park Historical Society

South Park Township, located approximately twelve miles south of Pittsburgh, is a growing community, rich in history dating back to the 1700’s. The Township, formerly known as Snowden Township, encompasses over 5,800 acres and includes the areas of Library, Broughton and Snowden. The area of Library was the name given to an area once known as “Loafers’ Hollow”. Residents considered the name “Loafers’ Hollow” inappropriate and changed the name to Library in honor of the first library established in this area in 1833 by John Moore. The area of Broughton was once called Curry and was renamed Broughton in order to avoid confusion. The Snowden area was named after Judge John Snowden of Pittsburgh. South Park Township has grown from a population of 831 in the 1900’s to a current estimated population of 14,322. South Park is one of the few communities in Allegheny County that has enjoyed a growth in population. The park-like setting of South Park has attracted many families to settle here. The majority of the Township is composed of residential housing. This is further evidenced by the increased construction of new homes in the area. Perhaps one reason for South Park’s growth is the Township’s commitment to serving the community. From providing the basic essentials such as police protection, two fine volunteer fire departments, emergency medical service and public works to the much desired services such as comprehensive recreation program and a first-rate public library, the Township is dedicated to serving the residents the best way possible.

Information on South Park

Meisinger keeps St. Mary’s bats quiet 7/18/2007

God Bless America! 2007

Crabs w/ the Meisingers 8/2007

R.I.P. Fred Meisinger

Don's Bachelor Party, The Burgh 2006