Halloween 2006

Anne's Weekend 11/18-19/2006

Come visit my hometown of Apex, NC 2006

Genius from South Park?

Born before 1980? Read here

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Ryan is 12! 4/2006

Nationals vs. Orioles exhibition game in April at RFK Stadium

2nd Tooth Gone! 2006

Hi Patrick.... Have another picture for you, Its on Mt Washington, right before we rode the incline down to station square. What a view.....(also taken on my camera....) And these 2 pics are super cool - went to philly this past weekend for a phillies game. The first picture is a half hour before the game - about 3:30.....then turned around and took a picture of the city (and the storm cloud) 20 min later.... needless to say, the game was cancelled. 7/2006

Adam Roberts 6/2006

Hi everyone. I took off a few hours early on Friday and took Grace to Kings Island to ride rides. Mom didn't give her a nap so she slept on the way there....(picture 1) and then I let her play a game (throwing a wiffle ball onto a huge table which was filled with 85% clear glasses, 10% blue, 4% green and 1% pink. She got a green glass and got a medium prize. She was so proud...it was awesome how excited she got. But that is the elephant in picture number 2. These are from my new camera phone. I love it!!! Hope everyone is doing well.... Love, Anne 6/26/2006

Happy 33rd Amy! 12/16/2005

Snow in Maryland! 2/2006

Disney World! 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 3/2006

I lost a Tooth! 3/2006

Happy Birthday Luke! 1/2006

Happy 40th Anniversary!

Miami Crew

Garner, NC 2005

Adam goes to the Pumpkin Farm 2005

Happy 65th Pat! 2005

Meisinger Household 2005

Leah's Homecoming Dance 2005

Adam is 5! 2005

Biff's big catch! 2005

Nags Head Vacation 7/2005

Roberts #1 7/2005

Goofballs 7/2005

Disney Vacation 2005

Rachael Graduates! 2005

Elizabeth's broken arm 2005

Happy Fathers Day! 2005

Grandma, Amy, Luke & Adam at the Chesapeake Beach Water Park 2005

The boys feelings about Duke Basketball

Luke Graduates 2005

Camping at Dover 2005

Summer and Mismatch Day 2005

Roberts new garage 2005

South Park 4/22/2005

Leah's May Dance Pics 2005


Happy Bday and Mothers day Jane! 2005

Parker Glanzman 2005

Its Snowing!!! 2005

Luke is 6 years old!!! 2005

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Happy 90th Pop!!! 2004

Welcome to 2005!!!

Crabs and Beer at Reese & Leanne's 2005

Jo goes to NY 2005

POP! The Roberts' new home
Nancy and Jane Jim and Pat Ireland
PortugalExtra.jpg Pat2004

Gaston Storm Pics from Richmond

Happy Easter 2005

Found all 4 Waldos' Harry's women
Potter sucks, Lord of the Rings is better
Our Calvert County AllStar Calvert County Miami Vice
Jane and Paula Jeffrey got a mullet!
Is that a smile? Mr. PJ
Grace and Nick Happy Birthday Joanne
Ah, the beautiful ones! Take that you jelous losers!
4 Wheeling Adam and Luke
All Cousins
God bless Aunt Nan Meisinger Clan
All blondes, that explains it The studs of the family
Am I old enough to have a child? Can't you smile Mike?
Pop and Jim 1967 PJ and Elizabeth
Reese and Leann Jane Pat and Jamo
Jo Jim and Pop Carol, Jane, Jim and Jo
Pop and Helen's Gang
Early 90's styles, Paul has a Mullet!
Now this is the Seventies, Man! This pic stays until you send me pics, Man!
Hey Jo Janie!!!
Wow, Ronald McDonald
Hey Dorothy Hamil Nice Haircut Mike

Copley and Roxberry - Click on Image to see more

The Gang SouthPark Crew
Meisinger GrandKids Mike, Jim and the Meisinger GrandKids
Adam Luke
Jankusky Gino
Monkee Man on RV
Meisinger Grandkids - Anyone know the year? Monkee Man
Running out of Pics to post
Conner Ann and Norb
Jane, Mike and Chris circa 1989 Don's Bachelor Party 1999 L to R - Nate Dogg, DonDon, Steve, Pat and Eric
Nice jump suit Amy!

Honey, I shrunk our kid!

Nick and Adam say Hello!

PJ and Norb say Hello!