Kendall Mullinix 7/2013

Claire 4/2013

Ellen and Alan visit Martinsburg, WV 3/24/2013

Ellen's Birthday Party 2/17/2013

Dinner with Ellen 1/26/2013

Visit with Aunt Ellen 1/23/2013

Lincoln Cottage, Ben's Chili Bowl and North West Park Apts 1/12/2013

Random E. Carruthers Family Pics

More Random E, Carruthers Family Pics

Ellen, Alan and Michael visit West Virginia 10/13/2012

Matthews 30th Birthday 5/2012

2010 California Carruthers Thanksgiving

Carruthers in Beaver Creek, CO 2010

Pat & Jane visit Cali 2004

Behe Website

The Carruthers Family

Mike Mullinix's New Grill 2/18/2021

Mike Mullinix Grilling 11/9/2020

Michael's Meat 7/26/2020

Michael's Meat 7/20/2020

Jim on Frontline (Orignal Air Date 6/23/2020)

George with Trey Mancini of the Orioles 10/12/2019

Michael Grilling 6/2019

John & Jill Wedding

Matthew and his Girls

John and James 2/21/2016

Carruthers' 3/2016

Carruthers 2016

Carruthers' Christmas 2015

Carruthers Christmas 2015

James 11/2015

Jim and Noreen 2016

Matthew and his Girls'

Claire and Noreen 12/2015

Jim Carruthers


Fitzgeralds' 2015

Noreen and Jim 2015

Fitzgerald Thanksgiving 2015

Carruthers Girls 10/2015

Vito's Cresson, PA 12/5/2015

James 10/2015

Alan 11/2015

Sisters At Baytree

Mini Carruthers' Reunion

Tom and Lorraine visit Cali

The Panthers invade Cali 8/2005

Clothing Optional for George Lorraine pressed into duties at Claire's Bday Saturday Night Movie Slumber Party (Winn Dixie!)

Mini-Behe Reunion 2005

Carruthers at Beaver Creek, CO 3/2006

Michael's Man Cave 5/2/2015

Matthew and Kendall 2015

Fitzgerald's Christmas 2014

Carruthers Christmas 2014

Noreen and Jim

James, Jay, William and Gary Williams William, James and Jay Carruther Girls! Chelsea, Alan and Halley Halley and Chelsea

The Alan Carruthers Clan


Halley Tai Marie, Age 9

Chelsea Anli, Age 6

Emma Chace, Age 4

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