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Maurer 2016

Nathan's 13th Birthday Party

Bill & Barbara Beck Family

Christian 1/2016

Susie 2/2016

Bill and Barb 2016

Libby and Jeremy

Young Jeremy

Jeremy Coaching 3/2016

Coach Jermey 12/2015

Maurer Easter 3/2016

Pat and Susie

Ally Bosco 3/2016

Jim & Colleen 10/2015

Julia 11/2015

Susie in Silence Of The Lambs Movie

Maurer Christmas 2015

Christian with the Win 2015

Jeremy Thanksgiving 2015

Julia visits Duquesne 12/2015

Jim 12/2015

Sisters At Baytree

Mini-Behe Reunion 2005

Susie and Jeremy at the Rural Valley 5K

Allison in Central Park. New York City

Bill Beck

Jim and Julia 11/2015

Beck Family Thanksgiving 2015

Jim 11/2015

Peyton Halloween 2015

Funeral Mass will be Saturday, at St. Mary's Church in Yatesboro, PA. Family & friends will be received in the Church Vestibule from 10-11 & the Mass will be held at 11. Lunch in the Church Hall following the Mass. - Susie 12/1/2015

Merry Christmas from the Beck Family

Julia Bosco(LT)Libby Maurer(RT)Bethany Beach 2003.

Barkley and Webber get new collars

Bill and his Tractor Bill and his Tractor

Libby's Tea Party Birthday....the boys came for pizza

Bill and Barbara

Bernedette and Benj

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Jake and Barkley

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